WARNING!!!! Imitation Detroit Speed Inc. Upper and Lower Control Arms In Production

Imitation Detroit Speed Inc. Upper and Lower

Control Arms In Production

Mooresville, NC (August 8th, 2018): Please be advised that a separate manufacturer is producing “knock-off” upper and lower control arms advertised as Detroit Speed Inc. arms. This applies to the 1967-69 Camaro and 1968-74 Nova applications.

While the pricing is significantly lower than true Detroit Speed control arms, so is the quality and design. Customers report that once installed, clearance issues with the brake rotor arise.

To ensure that you have true Detroit Speed controls arms for either of these two applications, we have included photos and descriptions below comparing the knock-off and the Detroit Speed upper and lower control arms.

  • Fully tig-welded
  • Billet 1018 ball joint pockets on upper and lower control arms
  • MOOG® upper and lower ball joints
  • 416 pre-heat treated stainless steel billet cross shaft with large radius at bushing step
  • Two (2) black 6061 hard anodized caster slugs per upper control arm
  • Pre-set turning torque
  • Detroit Speed unique bushing design featuring Delrin® bushings and hard coated aluminum press bushings with grease grooves
  • Stamped coil spring pocket
  • Certified material specs on all tubing
  • Optimized geometry to work with stock spindle and steer arm
  • All Detroit Speed control arms feature a Detroit Speed decal located facing towards the front of the vehicle on both the uppers and lowers
  • Detroit Speed uses black bumpers on all products, some look-alikes are red
  • The cross shaft is stainless steel so there is no coating (chrome, etc.) to make them look shiny
  • Lower ball joint is shaped to clear brake rotor
  • The ½ height nyloc nuts that hold the cross shaft in place are drilled for a roll pin as an additional feature to keep the nut from coming loose
  • Made in the USA

If you ever doubt the authenticity of a Detroit Speed, Inc. product you are looking to purchase, or already own, please reach out to our Sales Department at 704-662-3272 orsales@detroitspeed.com.

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