FiTech Fuel Injection April 2019 Promo!!!

For the month of April FiTech wants to spruce up your ride this spring with fuel injection to keep you car out in the sun not hidden in your garage! 

April Deals:

  • Mean Street Throttle Body EFI 800HP- FIT 30008 
  • GO EFI 8 Throttle Body 1200HP- FIT 30012
  • Inline Clam Shell Filter and Fitting Kit- FIT 40005-1
  • Tight-Fit Fuel Pressure Regulator 1000HP- FIT 44120
  • Hyper-340LPH Billet Inline Fuel Pump- FIT 40104
  • Hyper-255LPH Billet Inline Fuel Pump- FIT 40105
  • Retro LS Throttle Body 650HP- FIT 37001

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