RideTech 5 Gallon AirPOD with RidePro-X Control System and 1/4" Air Valve

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5 Gallon AirPOD compressor and leveling system with dual comprressors, 1/4" air valve block and RidePRO-X digital leveling control. All in one integrated solution mounts in your vehicle as a single unit and comes pre-wired. Includes aluminum 5 gallon tank, 2 Thomas  air compressors, air valve solenoid block, RidePRO-X pressure based digital leveling system, wiring, 1/4" air lines and fittings.  This complete AirPOD systems eliminates hours of installation time!

RidePRO-X — NEW Digital Air Suspension Control System. The most advanced air suspension leveling system in the world. Sophisticated pressure and height algorithms tune air spring rates for proper handling and world-class ride quality. A sleek and stealthy 3-position control module plugs into your car or truck’s 12V power port (cigarette lighter) and talks to the ECM via RF. Choose pressure-only (RidePRO-X) or pressure and height (RidePRO-HP) for the ultimate electronic air management system.


- Stealthy 3-position Control Module communicates via RF.
- “Ride Height On Start” automatic lift and level feature.
- Pressure-based crossload compensation — critical for dynamic driving scenarios such as cornering and panic stops.
- Display and setup via smartphone “App”, laptop or optional dedicated bluetooth Display/Tuner.
- Weatherproof ECM and heavy duty mil-spec connectors.
- All new LevelPRO height measuring sensors.
- Automatic weight compensation.
- RidePRO-X (pressure-based) system is upgradable to RidePRO-HP (pressure and height) system.
- Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone app are included.


RidePRO X (pc software) - click to download (Required if you wish to run RidePro X on a laptop)




RidePRO-X (2019_RideProX_instructions_REV6.pdf, 6,448 Kb) [Download]    [View]